Available for purchase

Our Book is Available for Purchase at the following outlets:

Our ebook can be purchased on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Podcasts.ie kindly recorded several of us reading our stories. These recordings are now available to download for free: A Thoroughly Good Blue Downloads 

So far Zach Hively, reading ‘In the Haus of Broken Toys‘, Katie McDermott, reading ‘Mrs Culann’s Dog‘, Vanessa Baker reading ‘With the Band‘, and Alice Youell reading ‘The Waiting Room‘, Liz McManus reading ‘The Disappeared‘ and Brent Dougherty Mueller reading ‘Children of the End‘ have been uploaded. More will be added over the coming days.

List of shops and distributors for print edition:

Books Upstairs

Charlie Byrne’s

Dubray Books

Hughes & Hughes Booksellers

Listowel Writers’ Week

More to be added soon…

Book Launch


Everybody is invited to the launch of our print book this Thursday. There will be wine and readings on the night. A map to the venue is included below:


Our ebook is for sale on amazon.com for $4.91 ($3.99 if you’re purchasing from America)

And it’s also for sale on amazon.co.uk for £2.54

A New Year, A New Semester

So the second teaching semester began today in ye olde Trinity College.

This looks to be an exciting term, with visits from Sir Terry Pratchett, Richard Ford, Paula Meehan and many many others.

As well as our normal writing workshops we have the option of taking Academic courses on Irish Fiction after Joyce and/or Irish Poetry 1935-2005.

On top of this work on an anthology of our creative writing is well underway. Our anthology is called A Thoroughly Good Blue and will be on sale by the middle of May.

Please join us as we blog about our experiences of writing, publishing, studying and anything else we can think of along the way